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Sift Away System
Sift Away System
Sift Away System
Sift Away System

Sift Away System

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You can say goodbye to the dread of scooping up your cats poop daily and wasting money on cat litter with this Sift Away quick fix! Its tricky design makes cleaning after your act a breeze. 

 It consists of 3 identical trays that interlock when tuned 180 degrees quickly trapping any clean litter and disposing the waste behind.

With a quick lift & sift of the first, top tray the soiled waste is disposed leaving the bottom trays clean. Once the trays are emptied, you reset them in place, just that simple!

  • The Sift Away Litter Pan is a unique clean-up system for taking care of your fur ball's litter
  • 3-tray system for cleaning up litter
  • Alternate trays to interlock and create a solid base
  • Lift top tray to sift the soiled litter and waste, the bottom trays are left with clean litter
  • Includes:
    • 3 sifter trays
  • Plastic construction
  • Measures 15.25" L x 18.5" W
  • Imported